I’ve spent almost five years living in Jakarta. Indonesian dream city which I never fancy to live when I build a family or raise the kids or enjoy my retirement.

Anyway, there’s nothing (extremely) wrong about Jakarta since it (even its traffic) didn’t kill me, yet made me stronger. For me, Jakarta is the place where actually you can get everything you need (as long as you fight for it, of course). Money is everywhere, career is on your hands, and probably your inner circle and significant others are within your reach.

Though Bandung is always on the top of my liveable city list, I never thought that I would back to Bandung before my thirty. I didn’t realize how blessed I am until this week. I was opening my window and out of sudden noticing that I would have “I woke up to” this kind of scene (Insha Allah) for my entire life.

To be honest, it’s never been easy for me to “stay” until this morning. The time when I decided to (re)start writing what have been trapped in my mind (and heart) for the last 3 months as the whole new chapter of my life.

Yes, now I am pretty much ready to say that I am settled. As I always mention in my bio, I would never stop falling in love with (in) this city. 💗

“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (Q.S. 2:153)

19 January 2018


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